Anna Gershenson is a gourmet caterer, educator and food consultant. Her career as a professional cook and instructor spans more than 25 years and she has married her passion for nutrition, whole foods and healthy eating with her experience as a gourmet cook. Anna has coined her own style of cooking, healthy gourmet, which focuses on creating delicious meals using superlative ingredients and healthy preparation. She has been running a successful catering business in the Boston-area since 1980.

As an educator, Anna teaches with the basics of nutrition in mind and believes in bringing the family together through cooking. She has spent several years as a cooking instructor for adults and children with various Continuing Education programs in the Boston area and through Whole Foods Market, and teaches cooking classes out of her home and at Nuestra Culinary Ventures in Jamaica Plain.

Anna has since become increasingly active in Massachusetts-area farmers’ markets. She is an ardent supporter of local, seasonal and organic food. Her education and marketing programs for Athol’s Farm School, in association with Chris Kurth, placed Anna front and center at Boston's pioneering Copley and South Station Farmers' Markets. There, she continued to demonstrate and distribute her original recipes, all designed to showcase the bounty of the season and encourage support of local farms. Anna’s recipes have since been commissioned by the Federation of Massachusetts Farmers Markets (FMFM) for distribution at local markets and have been featured in the Boston Globe, the Toronto Star and in the book Festivus–The Holiday for the Rest of Us.

Contact Anna by email at or at 617-510-0733.

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